Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Chris and I decided a few weeks ago that getting an apartment after we were married would just be wasting money. We had been told that we could probably get a house for near the rent on a nice 2 bedroom apartment. So we got a realtor and started looking! We put in a bid on a short sale that wasn't so much a short sale, as a really long one! We, to this day, haven't heard anything back from them. We had a bad feeling about it, so we kept looking! Last Monday we went to look at a few houses in a neighborhood of Garland, called Eastern Hills. Its a nice, older neighborhood that is based around a country club. It has maintained its value and pride of ownership is very evident.

Its not a good sign when you walk into a house and say things like, "Why would anyone do that?" or "This is just weird!" Those lines are usually followed by, "Well, maybe we could make it work." But in the end a decision is made that its really not worth all the effort. This happened to us several times on Monday afternoon. Until we came to the last house on the list. The Oh-No's turned into Wows and the Maybes turned into Definitelys. We found a beautifully maintained, normal, nice house in our price range!! It had wonderfully large rooms and upgrades like granite counter tops. We decided that evening to make an offer!

This past week and a half have been completely draining! Ups and downs. Emotional highs and lows. Contract negotiations are nerve racking! Yesterday our realtor sent our contract to title. Which means we're well on our way to buying our first house!!!


The invitations came in last night! My mom called me this morning to tell me. I can't wait to see them! Now comes the work...gluing rhinestones to all of them AND tying ribbon! I 'll post a pic of the finished product when I get one.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Music, music, music...

I spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out the order of the ceremony and what music to use. I've pretty much figured out the ceremony order. It's going to be short, simple and straight to the point! Hopefully it won't be much longer than 30 minutes.

I'm extremely lucky that my life long friend, David Dewese, is going to sing at the wedding. He's a rock star. I've figured out one of the songs he's going to sing/play. Now I just have to figure out what he's going to sing for the unity candle song. I've asked my brother to write something, so we'll see if inspiration hits him anytime soon. For the rest of the ceremony I think I'm going to use traditional piano music. There is a baby grand on stage, so why not use it right?

My brother also offered to be the dj for the wedding reception, but I have to pick out all the songs! So, I'm contemplating hiring a dj, because its completely overwhelming and I have no idea where to start!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Cocktail Dresses

This is the dress that my brides maids will wear. I absolutely love it! We're going to take off the bow and add a sparkly broach! It's going to be in black. I LOVE a little black cocktail dress! What do you think?

Disco Glam!

These are our basic ideas for the centerpieces for the reception. There will be white table clothes "sprinkled" with rhinestones. A beautiful round mirror will be centered on the table. On top of that there will be either: a tall vase with two "sparkle picks" in it, topped off with a dome of white carnations or there will be a medium height vase with a pillar candle. The meduim height vases will have the sparke picks around the inside edge. There's also going to be aqua flora lights in all the arrangements! Did I mention the voitves around the edge of the mirror? I'm really looking forward to seeing how it will all turn out.
We've gotten most of the supplies for the centerpieces at Hobby Lobby. They have wonderful half price sales!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bridal Show Pic

My mom and I went to a Bridal Show a few weekends ago and saw these gorgeous peonies. This is exactly what I want! There are ten coral peonies wrapped with rhinestones. The only change I want to make is the color of the ribbon. I'm going to use aqua.

Thursday at The Florist

Welcome to my first blog. I'm currently in the process of planning my low budget, big wow wedding! In fact, it is the reason that I decided to blog. I'm having SO much fun planning it that I thought it would be nice to share all the great stuff I've learned and have come up with on my own.

Stay tuned for more details... I'm going to meet with the florist this afternoon so I'm sure to have details to share.